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Self Care for Moms who are Crazy Busy

We’re moms, and that means we’re busy. In the chaos of taking care of our kids and managing our homes, it’s easy to lose sight of our own basic needs. We end up not even sure what self care for moms should look like.


Essential Self Care for Moms

Why Self Care is Important for Moms

It boils down to this: if you’re a mom, you could probably use a little bit of encouragement to take better care of yourself. So consider yourself encouraged! I truly want you to be healthy and happy.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

3 John 2:2, NIV

Taking care of kids is a mom’s ministry. It’s beyond challenging, full of sleepless nights and tearful prayers. Pouring out our souls in caring for our children exposes our deepest weaknesses. It’s back-breaking, heart-breaking, love-multiplying work. Of course, it’s rewarding, but my point is this:

Self care is important for moms!

Moms have got to be intentional about self care. It’s necessary to consider your own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While you should be watchful about selfishness in the self-care movement, moms need to prioritize our health.


lower your standards: self care for moms

A Self Care for Moms Challenge

So what makes me qualified to write on such a subject? I’m a mom of two kiddos, ages one and four. I’m peeking out of the trenches right now. I’m very blessed and very grateful, and sometimes I’m very tired. Self care is just something that I need to work on, so of course, I’m sharing it with all of you.

To prove it, I’m challenging myself to complete this list of self care for moms over the next few months. I can’t even believe I just wrote that…I’ll do it if you’ll do it. Who’s with me?

Essential Self Care for Moms

1. Physical Health for Moms: Doctors’ Visits

Ugh. I sort of hate doctors’ appointments. I’m definitely guilty of focusing so much on my kids’ health that my own has been left far, far behind. So, if you are too, I definitely understand where you’re coming from. But let’s set a good example for our kids and put that oxygen mask on first. We have to stay healthy in order to be there for our kids, right?

Here are some quick guidelines about how often you should see different doctors at a minimum. I consulted the internet for this, but of course, ask your doctor.

  • Dentist: Once or twice a year
  • Ob/Gyn: Once a year
  • Optometrist: Once a year
  • Dermatologist: Once a year for fair skin
  • General Practitioner: Once a year
  • Specialists: Sometimes for tough cookies like me, seeing a specialist isn’t even something you’d consider. But if you have pain or problems in any specific areas of your body, ask your doctor for a referral.

We can do it.

Make a list of what appointments you need to make, set aside some time, and call like crazy. Ask for help with the kids during appointments, or give your boss a heads up if you need it.

Just, please do me a favor: if you feel something is a little off with your health, go and see your doctor about it. That’s what they are there for.


Essential Self Care for Moms

2. Healthy Lifestyle Habits

I am definitely guilty of sliding in these areas when I have a demanding little one on my hands. It’s absolutely normal, but if it’s done too often, it’s absolutely unhealthy. Here are a few areas that should be on every list of self care for moms.

  • Spiritual Health: Make time every day with God, seeking Him first. I recommend reading the Bible as well as using a devotional for moms.
  • Sleep: 8+ hours a night
  • Eating: Lots of fruits and veggies, fish, complex grains, less sugar, less saturated fats, and less salt…and drink water
  • Relationships: Get guidance on good parenting/friendships/marriages, and make sure your marriage comes first
  • Recreation/Exercise: 30 minutes of cardio per day
  • Mental Health: Know what your weaknesses are and work on them, seek extra help through great books or teachings and through mentors and counseling


3. Me Time for Moms

Moms all need some good old fashioned me time! This is what I’m the most passionate about. Do a little something every day that’s really just for you. Is that selfish? NO.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t be modeling confidence to your kids. If you aren’t nurturing that spark within you, you’ll lose a bit of your identity. No one puts a lamp under a bowl, right?

Doing these things is where a lot of us feel guilty, selfish, or unworthy. If that’s you, do it anyway. Let me take an annoying page from the L’Oreal handbook: YOU’RE WORTH IT.

  • Pursuing a hobby: My hobby is blogging. There was a time when I was too overwhelmed with life as a mom to do this, but once my daughter turned one, I was able to carve out a few minutes each week. You can see where I went from there–into full-on blogging mode. So don’t give up!
    If you don’t have a hobby, you probably have lofty ideas about what one should be. Maybe your hobby is organizing, planning, cooking, or reading. Whatever it may be, investing in a hobby is so much more than it sounds. It’s a big part of living out your God-given purpose.
  • Journaling: It’s well worth the time it takes to write out your thoughts! Try one of these popular journaling options.
  • Caring for your appearance: I think all of us moms had different standards for ourselves before having kids. For example, I used to paint my nails all the time, and now I manage to do it once a month or less. We all know new moms have to let some basics slide. But once you have those basics down, branch out into whatever gives you a little pick-me-up. Whether it’s updating your wardrobe, getting a facial, or something less ambitious like using some lotion you love…it’s so rewarding to invest time in yourself this way.
  • Getting away for a bit: Yep, sometimes you need a little time away from your life as a mom. That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy being a mom, or that you don’t appreciate your kids. It just means that you are more than a mom.

You can take care of your family and yourself, too. You can have it both ways, I promise.

These three areas are essential self care for moms, in my opinion. But just because they seem basic, doesn’t mean they are easy.

We all struggle with self care. I don’t think there’s a single person out there who can check off everything on this list, so remember, we’re all in this together.

Start with the top of the list and work your way down. When you get to something that you need to work on, make a note, ask for some help with the kids, and set time aside. You can do it!


What does self care for moms even look like? Moms, we work hard, and we all struggle with self care in different ways. This list covers essential areas of self care for moms. #selfcare #moms #healthymoms #happymoms

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18 Comments on Essential Self Care for Moms

  1. Laura, putting my needs after the family is something I have been good at, but I am getting better with self care. Not only do I feel better when I take care of myself, I am a better mom. Recently went on my second sister’s trip with my sister. Sometimes it is good to remember the you without any kid worries for a few days.

  2. Great tips and encouragement! I’m a working mom of a 14 year old and I’m finding the older my son gets, the harder it is to make time for self care. His independence means I can take on more work to help our family, but his age also means I have to manage his social/school/sport calendar on top of my own. Self care has to be intentional and I have to remember it’s not something I have to earn, it’s something I need. So…today, I’m off for a spa day complete with lunch with a friend. Hooray!!!

  3. Laura – your words are much needed at this time. I have a list of doctor appointments that I need to schedule – I keep transferring the “to do” items from page to page in my planner. I am going to make it happen today! Although I’m an empty-nester, I am very involved with my community, assist on the back end with our family business, and blog! I shared recently that blogging was for sure the most challenging thing I’ve done in a long time. I need to take your words to heart and schedule more time in my day for self-care. Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh, I can imagine. I think because my kids are little everything feels easier than the infant days…but different ages have different challenges. Glad you feel encouraged, Sarah! Hope I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth by saying things get easier! 🙂

  4. Wonderful tips! I really struggle with some of these tips, while some of them are becoming easier as my kids are getting older. Thank you for sharing!

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