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A few months ago, I mentioned that I joined a box swap for moms. It’s called the Mom Love Fellowship Exchange, and it’s awesome! The idea for the summer version is that from June to August, the person you’re paired with writes you a few notes or letters (one a month because we’re all so busy in the summer), and sends one gift package by the end of the season.

I was so fortunate to be paired with Shani of Sunshine and Munchkins. I loved getting to know her…and have you seen her blog? She’s amazingly creative and shares crafting and DIY ideas, recipes, and fun family moments as well as parenting tips and more. Her blog is named so perfectly because Shani shines brightly and she has such a cheerful corner of the internet!

Shani’s the one who got me into planning (and boy did I dive in!). Her ideas are contagious, but she also makes things easy for those of us who don’t always feel so craft-inclined.

Here’s a peek at what she sent me.

Mom Love Fellowship gifts

  • A pretty notebook – I love writing things down!
  • Fairytale socks – Also…I love reading, and I love socks, and I love putting my feet up while reading.
  • A print to frame – Shani is one of two people in the world who knew (until now) what my Verse of the Year is, and I was so floored at how sweet she was to send me this print so I can be reminded of it every day. I can’t wait to frame it and display it!
  • Apple Honey Lotion from B&BW – When I mentioned this a few weeks ago, Shani was listening.
  • Chocolate – Specifically, a mint truffle chocolate bar. And can you see what the wrapper says? It says “Chocolate Doesn’t Ask Silly Questions…Chocolate Understands.”
  • A Happy Planner Insert – I’m pretty sure Shani threw this in from her personal stash. It’s rainbow, sparkly, and it says Today is a Blessing. Needless to say, I love this too!

Shani really nailed it. I’m so glad I got to know her through this exchange! If you’re interested in trying it out, I think the next time it’s running will be in the Spring, closer to Mother’s Day. Thanks to Justine from Little Dove for organizing this. I know I’ll do it again sometime!

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