Your Next Halloween Kids Craft: Flying Glitter Bats!

Our Little Halloween Bat Craft Story

The last time I threw these together, I had one child. We had made three bats: a daddy bat, a mommy bat, and a little bat.

Those bats lasted an entire year, and then we had our second. I had twice the giggles, messes, and hugs. But that’s also why making crafts like this wasn’t a top priority at first. This year, I knew that both of my kids are a great age (four and one) to try it out again.

I just had one question: How would the Sylvie/glitter combo work?

Make that two questions: Would she just tear this thing up and not enjoy it?



Here’s how we put this easy and fun Halloween kids craft together, step by step.


  • Popsicle sticks, any size and color
  • black construction paper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • crayons or markers
  • glitter – I used this pretty, chunky glitter with a shaker
  • puffy fabric paint for the eyes

To Make Flying Glitter Bats

First, let your kids color their popsicle sticks. We pulled out orange, black, and purple. I had them leave the top third plain so that there wouldn’t be any issues with glue. (Does glue stick well to waxy crayon? I wasn’t so sure.) If you want, cover it up with tape so they can’t color over it.

1. Draw a Bat

While your kids color, cut out a few bats. I used black crayon on the black paper to draw out a bat shape. Mine are far from perfect, but here are a few tips:

Make the head a square-ish shape that flares out toward the bottom and has points for ears on the top sides. Add a point below the head, centered underneath it. Above the head, add two points that angle up and away for the top of the wings, making a big V shape. Here’s my glorious demonstration on white paper.

how to draw a bat: step one

how to draw a bat: step two

Then connect the wings. There should be two high points above the head and five at the bottom, connecting at the sides.

If you want to make them symmetrical, you could fold your paper in half and cut out one side. But then your paper would be folded in half. 🙂


2. Decorate the Bat with Glitter

I put squiggly lines of glue on the wings and body, and set them free to shake away!

adding glitter to the bats


Glitter is messy. But it’s good for kids to make a mess. And, thankfully, this kind of glitter is a lot easier to clean up than the regular stuff.

Sylvie actually did really well on her task of shaking glitter over the glue. It did go everywhere, but she knew what the idea was and did a great job. She picked her colors and had a great time. But I still didn’t know if she’d really play with it at this point.

2. Add Eyes with Puffy Paint

Next, just add two dots of puffy paint on the head for eyes. Kai did this on his own, while I did Sylvie’s. The cool things about puffy paint are:

  • it’s three-dimensional
  • it stands out on black paper
  • it can be squeezed into circles easily, and
  • it dries with a wet look…so you’ll get shiny bat eyes every time. 😀

They will be looking pretty cool at this point.


3. Let Dry and Attach to Popsicle Sticks

Give your bats a little time to dry, and then attach them with glue to your sticks.


4. Play!

When they are dry, they’re ready to fly!


Make Them Fly

My kids love chasing each other around, flapping their bats’ wings. I think they love this particularly because of the book Quiet Bunny, where the bat makes a wha-wha sound with its wings.

Kai started pretending that daddy was a fox who was trying to get us. He’s got an active imagination.


In the end, Sylvie loved the glitter so much that she cried when I put it away. And her bat surprisingly lasted more than 24 hours before it got a single tear (easily fixed by some packing tape).

Sylvie joined our little bat family quite easily. Hug attacks from daddy sweetened the deal, and I heard lots of giggles from everybody as we flew our bats (and kiddos) around the yard.


I hope you have a fun time making these with your little ones. Remember to enjoy the mess as much as possible!


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