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Show & Tell Tuesday: Best Day Ever

What would a best day look like for parents of a preschooler and a toddler? You’re about to find out. Today I’m joining Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday to talk about what we’d wish for on a perfect day. I could probably put us all in Hawaii or something, but I thought I’d go with something a bit more attainable. On this day, no one has to work or go to school, of course, so the four of us are all together. Oh, and it’s Fall.

A Dream Morning

We’d start our day with a delicious breakfast. Perhaps crepes and omelettes, with pumpkin spice lattes for the grown ups (from our wonderful local coffee shop).

Crepes for Breakfast? Count me in!


Our imaginary housekeeper would busy herself with cleaning up and doing laundry while we grabbed a few pre-packed bags and headed out the door. The kids would happily play with a couple of inexpensive new toys in the car, and we’d arrive at fall festival that was magically not too crowded.


Fall Scene


There would be hay rides, pumpkin picking, a petting zoo, cider pressing, and a whole bunch of other activities! My kids would have a great time, and so would the grownups.


An Ideal Afternoon

We’d break for lunch at a small, elegant cafe that is also magically family friendly. They’d offer us fresh, seasonal food and a low-priced kids’ menu.

The Perfect Day Involves Squash Soup


Then we’d rest up a little somewhere (let’s hope there is a cabana nearby?!) and Sylvie would continue to nap in her stroller while we’d do a little bit of local shopping at some quaint and charming boutiques.

The leaves would be gold and red, and I’d get some great Christmas presents for everyone on my list. I’m pretty sure someone would be handing out hot chocolate and pumpkin bread.


Outdoor Cafe and Shops


Kids would then be awake and ready for more fun, so we’d go on a quick nature walk scavenger hunt. Kai would excitedly chatter about all the things he could find, and Sylvie would learn to say “squirrel.” She’s been trying so hard!


The Perfect Evening

Dinner would be early and light but tasty, and definitely at a restaurant.

Pork Chops at a Cafe


We’d drive home and get our sleeping kids in bed without waking them. Our house would be clean and our laundry put away. The housekeeper would probably get straight to work cleaning out my diaper bag and stocking it for next time, and then she’d clean out our car. I mean, what am I paying her for?

Ry and I would have a cozy night in involving some sort of delicious dessert that was already made for us … maybe one that we purchased at the coffee shop that morning. We’d find a great movie to watch at home.


Did I say this was more attainable than Hawaii? Oops. I may have gotten carried away a bit.

I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, and in case you were wondering, I love Fall, shopping, eating out, and cabanas.

It’s been fun dreaming! What would your best day ever look like?

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  1. What a beautiful perfect day! If I had the toddler years to do over again, I would have opted for a bit more of the spontaneity you describe in this post. 🙂 The pictures were a perfect complement to your words!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I enjoyed visiting here.

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