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My Story of Mom’s Intuition

We had just finished a delicious breakfast. Our 19-month-old, Sylvie, was playing in the living room, Kai and daddy were looking at Legos, and I was cleaning up our dishes. I had been laughing about something Kai said when I realized Sylvie was too quiet.

We moms have this experience pretty much every day. I imagined I’d peek in the living room and find her getting into something, or that maybe she’d wandered back into her bedroom or possibly even the dreaded bathroom. When I didn’t find her opening some lost bottle of lotion or coloring on the walls of the living room, I called to her.



“Sylvie, say, MAMA!” I told her.


I knew in an instant where she was. I didn’t waste any time looking around, I just ran toward the door to our second story. If she was part way up the stairs, she would probably turn around to look at me and lose her balance. I held my breath and swung it open, relieved beyond words that I didn’t see her there. Then I heard something from one of the upstairs rooms.

There was zero time. You see, if she heard me coming up the steps, she’d probably RUN to me and tumble down them before I could reach her. So I bounded up the steps as quietly and quickly as possible, taking them two and three at a time, tripping and catching myself in a rescue attempt reminiscent of a cartoon.

But I made it. I made it to her before she could try to find her way to me. I made it to our bedroom, where she proudly stood, attempting to climb on the bed, because her thirst for climbing will NEVER be quenched.


Told you.


She had the biggest smile on her face. Clearly, she knew she’d accomplished something special.

Clearly, we need to make sure that door is latched completely.

I’m just glad that my mother’s intuition is alive and well. If I had wasted any time looking around for Sylvie on the main floor, things could have ended differently. This experience, as well as countless others, have led me to a pretty common conclusion.

Mother’s intuition is real.

And you should listen to it.

I really think that God has given us intuition as mothers. It’s a place in our souls that is so connected to our children that we sometimes know what we should do for them or sense something’s wrong even when it’s not logical.

God is talking to Job when he asks him,

Who gives intuition to the heart
    and instinct to the mind?

-Job 38:36

(“Um, hello, IT’S ME” is what God’s saying.)

God speaks in a still, small voice, and sometimes that voice comes as a fleeting thought or a feeling. Because God gave us undeniable intuition, I’m sure you’ve had a few moments like this too. Maybe you’ve even had times where you wish you would have listened to your intuition but tuned it out. I’m just glad this time it was obvious for me.


Just to be clear, I don’t mean that we should put our faith in ourselves. I don’t mean that we should listen to every wayward fear that comes into our mind. (Don’t do that!) And most of the time, of course, it’s the wisdom of others and the influence of our faith from the outside in that encourages us to take action.

But no matter what, we should listen to that internal voice about what our child needs. If we get a gut feeling about something, and it lines up with God’s goodness and his word, then it’s worth paying attention to.

So, I sat down and thought of where we mamas might need a little encouragement. From my experience…

Areas to trust your motherly intuition include:

  • Your child’s safety. This encompasses so much, from who you trust to look after your children to where you think they might be if they seem to have disappeared for a minute. When it comes to the safety of your child, God has given you some sense of what is safe for them.
  • Timing. Intuition also comes into play when you’re helping your kiddos move along to a different stage in life. Because we have a little one, I’m super aware that babies and toddlers go through so many transitions. Things that seem simple, like moving from a milk-only diet to solid foods, two naps down to one, sleeping in a bassinet to a crib to a bed, are just never that simple when we’re going through it. So be willing to pave your own path, no matter what your friends’ kids are doing.
  • Entertainment. You truly know best about what your child is ready to see, hear, or do. I recommend previewing movies and shows when you can, or consulting Common Sense Media to get a good idea of what to expect.
  • Education. This is tricky for us right now! A year from now, our oldest will be on his way to kindergarten. (Gulp.) And we’ve decided the one option we always thought we’d go with, the local public school, isn’t right for him. (Double gulp.) So I know first hand that there are so many different choices for educating your child, whether it’s homeschooling, private, charter, or public school. Don’t lock yourself into any option. School is such a big part of a child’s life. If your heart is saying something’s not right, listen to it.
  • Doctors, Specialists, and other Healthcare Providers. This is a big one. Friendly reminder: the pediatrician that your child sees is your choice.  The first year or so after we moved here, we thought our pediatrician was great. Then we had Sylvie, whose first year fraught with minor but overwhelming health concerns. To make a long story short, once we finally had the courage to change doctors, it made a huge difference.


my baby sleeping in a hotel bed


If you want to read more about what God’s word says about intuition, check out this article. I think it’s really helpful!

I’d really love to hear any stories you have about this. When have you followed your motherly intuition? Do share!

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20 Comments on Listening to Your Motherly Intuition as a Believing Mom

  1. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me! One of the biggest examples I can think of happened a few years ago. My kids were two years into attending a vbs at a small church down the street. The last day all the parents come for a little picnic. I could not shake this awful feeling I had while there about one of the helpers (an older gentleman). I prayed about it for months what this feeling I had was. I didn’t want my kids to miss out on vbs next year if I was just being paranoid. About 8 months later, my friend came to my door and told me (after finding out her 17 year old daughter was molested when she was 5) that if I ever had a feeling to never ignore it and immediately vbs popped into my head and that man and I just knew this was confirmation from God that I needed to listen to my “gut feeling”. I never did get to find out if I made the right choice and quite frankly, I am glad I never did!

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! There has been times where I have pushed my mothering “intuition” away because I worried that it would just be me…. WORRYING(!) haha… and I heavily regretted it. I love the way you worded this — thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is such an important post! Following that intuition the Holy Spirit places inside of each of us I have had to lean on many times. So glad to you know your precious baby girl was safe although she probably thought it a fun adventure. Stopping by from Grace and Truth Link Up.

  4. Great post, Laura. Just yesterday I had a conversation about discernment and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. A few years ago my husband looked at me and asked, “how do you know?” I replied, “I have been blessed, gifted with a deep sense of discernment and the stronger my relationship with God, the stronger my sense of discernment due to the Holy Spirit.” It is a blessing to deepen our relationship and our knowing of Christ! Philippians 1:9-10, “And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ;”

  5. Laura, you are so right about this! Over the last seven years since having children, my list would never end with those moments of intuition I had. With a mother’s intuition and Holy Spirit inside of us, we are set to do this mothering thing!

  6. Awesome post Laura! There are plenty of times I’ve listened to my intuition and thank God I did – but I also have to remind myself to block out the crazy, irrational fears I have on other things, ha!

  7. I have certainly had times where I KNOW God directed me to check on something w/ my children… just in time to avert a disaster! What a blessing. Thank you.

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