Over the Weekend

Today I’m joining the Workin’ it Wednesday linkup from Shay and Erica to share a weekend in our life! There’s no such thing as a typical weekend for us, and this one qualifies.


Even though we were staying home, there was a lot of excitement as soon as Saturday hit. Daddy and the kids watched a crew pouring cement for our driveway! I did as well, in between making a big breakfast.


Then the guys (my son and Ry) went to the hardware store, which Kai calls the “hard bear store,” to order some parts for our tub. Sylvie and I stayed home to play acoustic sets of The Wheels on the Bus and If You’re Happy and You Know It. Sylvie ended the jam session by giving the guitar a snuggle. I guess it makes sense if you’re one.



After that, we all walked down to the park at the end of our street, which has a sand pit and lots of delightful hazards for my littlest one. I left with only a few extra bruises after performing what would have been a perfect slide into home base if I were playing softball. Instead, I was just trying to make sure Sylvie didn’t fall to her death. You win some, you lose some.


We walked home, cleaned up the kids (yep, sand was EVERYWHERE), had lunch, and started a nap time/quiet time for the kids. While Kai and Sylvie rested, I went grocery shopping…

sorry for the blur…I was in a hurry!


…and jumped back in to work on our grout. It’s a long project involving painting on grout stain. The only way to take it is slow, so that’s what I’m doing, with an audio book at my side.


Ry worked on a plumbing project in the meantime, and after he finally conquered those copper pipes, we had a light, early dinner and followed up with a trip for ice cream. Ice cream also includes running down a huge hill, so I’ve learned to get a shake, which I can drink while running after children. Handy!

sitting nicely at this picnic table didn’t last long 🙂


We came home for the kids’ bath, some slowing down activities, and bedtime.


While Ry was on the phone with his parents, I gave myself a hair trim. I don’t really recommend doing this, but I was getting sick of my hair and YouTube has me convinced (only in certain moments) I don’t need a salon.

My older sister, who’s visiting with her family from California, called me later and asked if we wanted to meet up in Des Moines for lunch the next day. We said yes! Then Ry and I watched a little Frasier and crashed.


This morning was a little different than normal because we had to miss church in order to get to Des Moines for lunch. So we had breakfast, cleaned up the house a bit, I packed a diaper bag, and we loaded all of our possessions (minus a few items) in the car.

The ride up was pretty good, with only a few minor screams from Sylvie before she took a nap. Kai is a great traveler and read a book and talked to us about the farms he saw out the window until we arrived.


We met at Zombie Burger, which is exactly what it sounds like: a zombie-themed restaurant with burgers to die for (see what I did there?). Kai didn’t notice the mildly creepy (for a four-year-old) decor but couldn’t resist watching the Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris movie that was playing. Good thing burgers are his favorite food!


the guy my daughter doesn’t seem so sure about is my dad 🙂



The ten of us (my older sister, brother-in-law, two nephews, my parents, and my family of four) then high-tailed it to Bass Pro. I should say, my family high-tailed it to Bass Pro, I guess, because those suckers took the slow route.

Kai had never played checkers, so his cousins showed him the ropes while we pretended the store entry was our living room.


Once we made it in, Sylvie kissed every single kind of stuffed animal available, but would call out “all done!” right after and request the next one. She was rather loud about wanting out of her stroller, and eventually, I caved and set her loose. Her favorite activities were climbing rocks to see the fish, climbing stairs to get on a pontoon, and climbing on and off a small four-wheeler. There’s kind of a theme here.


Kai had lots of fun and even tried his hand at archery for the first time.


We parted ways and drove home to the glorious sounds of sleeping children, with roughly four pounds of fudge in tow. Bass Pro is a tiring place!


Dinner was salad for the adults and leftovers with sweet potatoes for the kids. They were both entertained by launching rockets in the kitchen, which was great fun until some fussiness set in (on the kids’ part) marking the start of their bedtime.


Once they were in dreamland, a friend of Ry’s invited him to get together, and I stayed behind to have an exciting evening of grout painting and typing the words you’re reading right now.

We had a great weekend. I hope you did too!


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  1. It sounds like a very full and fun weekend. I like what I see so far of your tile grout stain job. I have white tiles in my bathroom that are over twenty years old and NOTHING gets the grout clean. I may have to try this. Please let us know how it holds up.

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