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It’s been too long since I’ve shared some pics that never made it to the blog. I don’t think I’ll ever top the story from the first time I posted outtakes, thank goodness, so today you’re getting some sweet and random moments.


a sweet, perhaps a bit too tight, hug from big brother


Kai pushing Sylvie in a laundry basket
Kai entertaining his sister in one of those glorious moments of motherhood and sibling-ness.


William Tell Overture on YouTube Screenshot


For a second I was seriously confused as to why the above picture was on my phone…but when I looked closer I remembered that I had played the William Tell Overture for my kids during pickup time. This is significant because when I was a preschooler, the school I went to was led by Child Psych majors from the local private college. They purposefully played this song during clean-up in order to see whether we’d make a subconscious correlation between the music and what we were doing; i.e. in order to brainwash us.

The joke is that whenever I hear this song, I’m compelled to run around picking things up maniacally. I’d taken a picture to text my mom and confess that I was trying to keep the William Tell Overture legacy going strong for the next generation. How’s that for random?


husband carrying groceries

The construction on our street meant a few interesting days of carrying in groceries from the back of our house instead of from our garage. You really notice every step when you have to walk more than six feet! Here’s my husband carrying in the groceries for us.


I was darting around after Sylvie in an attempt to get a good picture of her red curls, and I finally–sort of–got one! Her hair really starts to take shape in the humidity, curling more and more the longer we’re outside. It’s so pretty!


siblings eating ice pops
July 2017: the month my kids discovered their love of flavor ice.


Sylvie was sick this past week (in July?! Not allowed!), and even though she was feeling awful, she perked up for a few different things. Watching nature shows with daddy was one of them! My solution to her tiredness was to put on Moving Art on Netflix for her. She would relax for a bit, but it never got her to sleep the way I was hoping. Still, we had fun trying!


I took this picture of Kai, and then…


…he took this picture of me. Kinda artsy, right? 😉 And, yep, these are “natural” holes in my jeans from crawling around with kiddos.


pretty Sylvie


That covers what I missed sharing over the last month! It was a perfectly hot, humid, fun, busy July. How was your month?

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