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Well, I’m pretty eager to join Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday today, especially so I can take a peek at all of your phones. 🙂 If there’s an app you can’t live without, I definitely want to know about it! Getting right to the chitchat, here are a few of my favorite things that live on my phone these days.

Pics – Google Photos

I don’t use a digital camera anymore and rely completely on my phone for taking and storing pics. My phone is filled with pictures of my family, of course! This is quite possibly my favorite thing about my phone in general. Not the whole “communication” aspect that apparently some phones are used for, but…PICTURES!



I found out quickly that I need my photos to live on the cloud instead of taking up space on my phone, and that’s where Google Photos comes in. I love that I can search my photos, create albums, see pics by faces, share full res pics with friends and family, and more.


What's on My Phone: Google Photos


One of its fun features includes an assistant that automatically creates movies, collages, animations, and edited photos for you. It’s pretty cool!


Google Photos Assistant Animation

I didn’t lift a finger here.


Lots of Music – Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Music

I love all kinds of music, but not much of it is stored on my phone.  I just don’t own music like I used to, because it’s so easy to listen to whatever I want with different apps. It’s hard for me to even pinpoint a genre I prefer, because I like it all. 🙂

We use radio apps to listen to music SO often! In my about me, I mentioned how I like to match up our background music during dinner with the type of food we’re eating, and I do that using Pandora and Prime Music.

If I want to listen to a specific album that I don’t own or have on my phone, I go straight to Spotify. That’s how I listen to things like Ed Sheeran’s Divide for free.

What's On My Phone: Ed Sheeran on Spotify
This was taken from my computer, but Spotify is a phone app too! 😀


I store all my favorite purchased songs on Google Play, and right now our favorite is Jill and Kate’s lullabies. I keep talking about that one, so I’ll just give it a rest for now.  FOR NOW. Ha ha!


Lists, Reminders, and Notes – Google Keep

I have a lot of little notes to myself on my phone. Sometimes it’s just necessary to take a quick picture of something I want to buy later, or to keep track of something when I’m the middle of nowhere without a pen and paper. (It happens when you have family in the country.)

I do prefer using paper notebooks and a planner (SOOO excited to get my new planner soon!) for important lists, reminders, and scheduling, BUT when I’ve gotta have it in my phone, I use Google Keep. You can quickly add photos, color-code your notes, share them with others (who can add to them), create bulleted lists, set reminders, and more.


What's On My Phone: Google Keep
these notes are from last Christmas 🙂


Plus, it’s pretty! I’m a huge fan!


Reading – Amazon Kindle

Almost all the books I read are on my phone. If you were to pick up my phone right now, you’d see a mix of inspirational nonfiction, chick lit, humor, women’s fiction, and a bit of suspense.

I do a LOT of reading, and for that, nothing compares to the Kindle app. I’ve written about this before, so I’ll keep this short. It’s free, it saves highlights and notes, it’s well organized, easy to customize, keeps you from getting distracted, and it’s a breeze to use.  I love a good no-brainer!

Here’s a look at a few of my reads…but for my most recent books, you’ll just have to come back for my July book review at the end of the month! 🙂

Grocery Shopping – Out of Milk

Another thing you’ll find on my phone is a running list of all the groceries I need. I use Out of Milk to keep track of all the groceries to buy each week. My husband has it too, and he can add to the list any time he thinks of something we need. I check off the items as I put them in my cart, and if Ry happens to be in the same store in a different area, he can check things off at the same time. (Just remember to hit the sync button!) We did that just yesterday while we were tag-team shopping at Walmart. It was pretty glamorous.

Shopping lists are organized by category, and I can move them around so that they come in order, matching the aisles of the store I’m in. There’s a LOT you can do with this app, like entering the price for each item, and creating a running list of pantry items that you need often so you can easily add them to your shopping list.


What's on My Phone: Out of Milk

I never forget my grocery list, because I always have my phone!


All the Pretty Things – Pinterest & Instagram

I love things that are beautiful to look at. And I love blogs, so you can guess what two apps are my favorite for finding great content and connecting with my favorite bloggers!

What's On My Phone: Pinterest
pretty pinterest!


What's on My Phone: Instagram
my instagram profile


Here’s where you can find me on Pinterest and Instagram.


White Noise – Relaxio

I’m always reaching for my white noise app! If it sounds familiar, that’s because I wrote about this one for my Friday favorites awhile back. Why does a person need white noise, you ask? For concentrating and blocking other noises out, for sleeping, for writing and reading, and even for general atmosphere. This one is so much fun to play with–you can mix and match your favorite sounds exactly how you want, and save your mixes. Go try it out!  (It’s an Android app)

Relaxio White Noise App Screenshot



The Bible – YouVersion

Okay, so I have one exception to my reading rule, and that’s for reading the Bible on my phone. When I’m not using my actual printed Bible, you’ll find me pulling up YouVersion’s Holy Bible. You can pick from roughly a billion translations, you can listen to the Bible (try the NLT for a nice reader), save highlights, notes, create cool verse images, pick and complete a devotional along a theme, and connect with your friends on it!

What's on My Phone: YouVersion The Bible


Weather – WeatherBug

I’m actually a bit of a weather bug, so the name of this app is fitting. I tried a bunch of different weather apps before relying on this one. I check it at least once a day because I couldn’t plan without it!

In case you want to know more about the app, It has hourly and 10-day forecasts, current weather and radar, weather news, wind speeds/precip/pollen/sunrise and sunset times/moon phases/outlook/live cams, and alerts for serious weather events and Amber alerts. I also like that I can add different cities across the globe (so I know what it’s like where my in-laws are, for example), and get alerts immediately for serious weather events and Amber alerts.

And let me tell you, it’s easy, accurate, and just plain essential. I mean, I’ve gotta know what to wear and what clothes the kids will need, and what activities I can do with my kids every day.

p.s. It’s been crazy hot out!


Sometimes I use it to see if we have any answered prayers (i.e. RAIN CLOUDS) coming our way. Kai knows that I use this app a lot, and he’s started saying things like, “Let me check WeatherBug.” all the time. He knows how to look at and even interpret the radar a little bit. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a meteorologist. I would be so proud! Kai Winters does have a nice ring to it.


A Lot More…

There are a bunch of apps that I use a ton, like a web browser, Gmail Inbox, WordPress, Youtube, and Focus Daily (Focus on the Family’s radio app). They are all great, but I don’t want to make this crazy long. And, yes, I do use the whole calling and texting features regularly as well. 🙂

So, I’m really curious, what’s on your phone??

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