5 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Faith

My son is growing in his faith, but he’s always been a little hesitant to show it in prayer. My husband and I put our heads together, and decided to teach him a prayer that he could memorize and say before meals. We also pray together before bedtime, and Kai has started to add his own thoughts at the end of the prayer. But there was a deep desire in me to be more intentional about cultivating faith in my little ones.

So God made it clear to Ry and I that we had some options. We knew that we wanted to help our son do more with his prayers. We want him to not just pray out of routine, but to talk to God because he believes in and loves God for himself.

My Story: Looking for Golden Moments

A few days ago, Kai and I were looking out the window and started talking about how brown the grass is. I told him that we needed rain. I told him that the farmers especially need it to keep their crops alive and healthy. I talked about how townspeople would like rain as well to keep their lawns and gardens going. I said that I bet the farmers were praying for rain.

So right then, Kai started asking God for rain. He said a simple, sweet prayer and I was so impressed with his childlike faith.

It was a golden moment.

It was a moment of seeing the need around us and taking it to God. But as a mom, it was also a moment when my faith was tested. Because I sat there, feeling so proud of him and happy, but also feeling concerned that it wouldn’t come to pass. My son had the faith that I lacked.

I think for us parents, this is a pretty common reason why we might hesitate to ask God for things with our kids…We are afraid to risk damaging their relationship with Him. So let me just encourage you, and myself in the process.

The rain came.

the rain came

Not even 3 hours later, there was an unexpected downpour, even with the sun shining through. We ran to the door and watched it fall. Kai was jumping up and down and smiling. He shouted, “God gave us rain!” We all celebrated together.

And it didn’t end there. The next morning, we got another surprise rain shower to start off our day.

watching the rain

screenshot of weather app showing the rain we got!

You can see that the chance of rain was actually only 30% according to the experts. But the experts don’t know something that we know. God is building our faith and hearing the prayers not only of my son but of all the people who are asking him for rain right now. And yes, we have to trust Him and know that there will be times when God says no.

It’s risky to ask God for something, but that is just part of having faith. And your kids will love praying and seeing the fruit of their requests. Even if God says no or not yet, you can teach your kids that God loves to hear from them.

5 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Faith

So here is what God is teaching me to do in order to increase my kids’ faith when it comes to prayer:

  1. Point out the needs that you see around you.
  2. Encourage your kids to take their requests to God.
  3. As a parent, model the faith it takes to simply ask.
  4. Celebrate answered prayers together.
  5. Keep a record or simple prayer journal with your kids to remember how God is responding.

I’m praying for my son, I’m praying for more golden moments, and I’m praying for you to feel encouraged as you pass along your beliefs to those precious kids. The more we ask God together, the more opportunities He has to help our children’s faith grow.

And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.

1 John 5:14-15

More Ways to Increase Your Child’s Faith

My friend Roz over at Woman on a Mission has a few simple ways to put God in your child’s daily life that I think you’d love. Go check it out!

Moms, I wasn't always confident about how to pass along my faith to my kids. But God taught me one day how simple it truly is. Here's how to help your child develop a powerful, personal faith in God. You'll love looking for small "golden" moments every day. #parenting #christian #christianparenting #faith #passitdown

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17 thoughts on “5 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Faith”

  1. I absolutely loved this!! I actually started to teared up because it so true, that children have a faith, an unhindered faith that you can experience as a child. I’m so glad it rained and God answered your little guys prayers. I myself have noticed new things in my son as we pray together at night. I now ask him who he wants to pray for and he just says people’s name and we pray for them!! What an awesome testimony and thank you for my shout out as well!

  2. What a great remindert to take advantage of our golden moments! Its amazing how a little intentionality can make a huge difference when it comes to shaping our child’s world view! btw, those pictures were great! I bet that rain was fun to watch.

  3. What a special and beautiful moment! The one things that I’m learning (as a Mom) is that I cannot make my children grow in their Faith. I can pray and believe that they will, I can model it for them, and I can encourage them in it. It is definitely a growing in trust for me, but it’s beautiful to see them growing and learning.

  4. Such a great story! I still remember the first time I was conscious of having a prayer answered as a child and how much of an impact it made on me. I love your thoughts on teaching children to pray and it’s such an important topic. I’m doing a short series on my blog right now about helping children come to faith/ grow in faith and I’m going to be posting about prayer next week. Would it be ok if I add a link to this post?

  5. Hi Laura, thanks for sharing simple, but effective ways to help build up our children’s faith. For me, that means showing God is present evrrywhere, everyday, even in the car. One day as my granddaughter (then about 5) and I were in transit, we heard emergency vehicle sirens. As we pulled over, I said a quick prayer for all involved. Then we chatted about praying for others, whether we know them or not. Another day, God wished us good morning with sprays of wildflowers along the highway. We thanked God for planting them to tell us He loved us.

  6. Love the idea of the prayer journal, Laura. What a great way to encourage our children to recall and celebrate what the Lord has done. Visiting today via #raralinkup.

  7. Love these simple reminders to be mindful of God in those golden moments! Thank you, my prayer today would be that I would see them and take the opportunity with my kids! They do have such a sweet faith! xoxo ERIN PS Pinning this 🙂

  8. This came at such a good time for me. My kids are 5 and 3 (twins) and other than praying at night, I really want to show them how we can talk to God any time we want, day or night. I love the golden moment idea. I will forever be a lover of the golden moment in life…when things serentipitously fall into place . Thank you for sharing this with me!

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