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I’m slowly learning a few things:

  1. Summertime means staying up late and (hopefully) sleeping in.
  2. Summertime means a sort of unscheduled busyness that is more stressful for me than the scheduled busyness of fall and winter.
  3. It’s okay to miss some things on your bucket list in favor of sanity.
  4. Summertime is a great time for flexibility.

These were the things I was reflecting on as we had an awesome, busy, sleep-deprived, happy-yet-fussy, wonderful, and did I mention busy?? week full of visits with family and friends too.


The Fourth of July Weekend

For the fourth, we got together with my parents, my older sister and her family, my younger sister, and my brother.  We had a great time playing outside, airsoft-ing in the woods for the guys (the girls opted out), pool-wading for the kids, eating burgers and ice cream, seeing a parade, and even saying the Pledge of Allegiance. (We all recited it in order to encourage my son to show off his knowledge from preschool.)

I sometimes relied on other people to take pictures, people who are now off camping, so I don’t have some of my favorites yet, like the group of us together, ALL SMILING, or my daughter’s face smeared with chocolate ice cream, or the parade itself, or the guys shooting each other on the airsoft course my dad made, or me and my best friend visiting for the reunion.

The whole weekend was awesome. My kids had a blast. My kids were also too excited to sleep, and sang and teased each other and laughed loudly on the (several) rides home.

We didn’t end up seeing fireworks, something I was sure we’d do this year, for a few different reasons. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about that, but then I remember we did what was best for us, and my kids were STILL incredibly exhausted on July 5th. Our family of four did have a pretend picnic in our living room and watched fireworks from the comfort of our TV screen. Thanks, YouTube!



Road Construction

Yep, this is a favorite, because I’m not talking about the usual closing-a-highway-lane type of construction. There are crews replacing the curb on our street, which means right outside of our front door there is THIS sort of entertainment!

Not only are there every manner of my son’s favorite construction vehicles, there’s a mound of dirt in our front yard. It was sort of the best thing to happen all summer. (Still embracing the messiness over here.)


Cute Pics of My Kids

These are just a little sample of some of my favorite moments from the long weekend. We’re thinking of getting professional pictures done in the fall, but these will tide me over until then. Aren’t they sweet? I love how the humidity is making Sylvie’s hair just a bit curlier.



Stomp Rockets

My nephews gave Kai a stomp rocket for his birthday a few months ago, and it was so much fun to play with at the farm on the Fourth of July! It’s a simple air pump that you jump on to launch light, Styrofoam rockets.We had just been reading about rockets and model airplanes together before bed. Kai was in heaven!


What I’m Pinning: My Favorite Post of the Week

This week’s favorite is a little different than my usual, but it’s truly what I loved pinning the most this week! Going along with the theme of busyness and flexibility, Grace, Giggles and Naptime has a super useful article called How to Make a Restaurant Busy Bag for Preschoolers. This little gem could also work for travel, church, weddings…and well, any time your kiddo needs to be still and quiet. It’s practical and fun, and that’s what I’m looking for lately this summer. I kind of want to pin everything Sumer writes! Her blog is fantastic.

Click and then pin! 🙂


I’m on Pinterest here, if you want to see what else I’m pinning lately. I’d love to see what you’re pinning too!

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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12 Comments on Friday Favorites: Holidays and Humidity

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to say, no. I’m referring to deciding not to attend the fireworks. As my mother would say, there’s always next year! I and I think you got some pretty amazing pics yourself! Although I bet the one with your daughter and the ice cream smear is priceless! Have a great week!

  2. That’s amazing to have that construction right outside your front door! I’m sure that’s heaven for a kid! Glad you had a fun weekend and a festive fourth!!

  3. My kids would go bananas with all the heavy equipment and dirt 🙂 How fun! Also, it sounds like you all had a great 4th of July, fireworks or no fireworks. I love summer because it is so busy, but I have hit that point of summer break where I feel like I spend most of my days cleaning/making something for my kids to eat and then repeating…I am always ready for the routine and structure of fall 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sylvie’s hair is so cute. I just love baby curls. And what a coincidence that you just posted about restaurant busy bags because I’m actually working on a post for my blog for next week on this same topic. We’re going on vacation next week, and I’m packing some of the stuff we’ll need for my niece and nephew. I always pack a restaurant bag for when we travel and it works out really well – especially when we’re at a busy touristy kind of restaurant. Those kind of restaurants are always so busy, and there’s such a long wait for our food. Happy Friday!

  5. We have definitely got the staying up late part down! Not the sleeping in so much. My boys love it when my farmer is doing construction work on the farm! And I NEED that restaurant busy bag! Happy Friday!

    • I can’t wait for the days when my kids are better at sleeping in…YES, my son would be entertained constantly living at a farm! He has a great time at my parents’ place and I’m so thankful for that. Happy Friday to you, too!

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