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Hooray for Friday Favorites! It’s time once again for all of the internet to share the things that made our week just a little bit better. And to do a little victory dance. And to get the song “My Favorite Things” stuck in our heads. (Sorry.) So here are a few things I am loving lately, as I wrap up a getting back into the swing of things kind of week with my fantastic family of four.



Super Cute Clothes

My sweet husband must have been listening when I subtly hinted that I might like some clothes for my birthday…specifically, some that might be on sale…and, just in case, what size to get…and a few options on colors as well. You can imagine my shock when I found these two beauties wrapped up for my birthday. It’s like he’s a mind reader!

I’m on the struggle bus with selfies (here’s proof), so refer to the model shots above, please. Thank you.

This was my best attempt. I need to read Lindsay’s selfie instructions again! 🙂



Getting Through Brain Fog & Getting Organized

I wrote about my issues with forgetfulness, absentmindedness, and dropping the ball this past Monday. Thankfully, I was able to get my son to pre-k camp this week, on time and everything, and he had a blast.

I’m really hoping that the fog clears soon, and in preparation, I’ve ordered a very affordable, but very lovely planner! (I used a little birthday money. #thatwasfast)

I can’t wait to tell you about it, especially if it proves fruitful for me. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak:


I knooooow! Could it BE any cuter??

And, by the way, here’s a little shout out to Shani of Sunshine & Munchkins for recommending this to me! Shani’s my pen pal for Mom Love Fellowship, and I’ll have more about how awesome she is next month for the big reveal. 🙂



Dancing with Sylvie

My little girl loves to dance. One morning, I’d been singing “Wake up, a little Sylvie, wake up!” to her, and I remembered this medley that I performed to way back in the day for a dance recital.


Before you get all impressed, I’m not some sort of good dancer. 🙂 But when I turned this on and busted out a few swing-style moves, she laughed and laughed. That sweet girl! Oh, and doing the side-to-side straddle is kind of tough, even with a 17-month-old, but so worth it!



The Vomit Kit

Ugh…well, it turns out one of the reasons that we’ve been having so much travel-related vomit is that my little guy might have motion sickness. Last weekend, as we were headed to my parents’ farm for my birthday, he threw up out of nowhere. We pulled over and I grabbed…wait for it…my sick kid kit for the car that I wrote about awhile ago. Even though we hate that Kai gets sick sometimes, having this kit was a favorite. We got everything cleaned up, changed him into fresh clothes, sprayed some essential oils in the air, and covered him up with a light swaddler for the rest of the ride. Poor guy.



What I’m Pinning: My Favorite Post of the Week

This week’s favorite comes from Gina M. Poirier and is all about the frustrations we go through as moms who are trying to get a few things done, and some lessons and tips for creating your own daily schedule. It’s called How to Rock Your Schedule, and it’s soooo helpful and relateable.  Gina’s blog is full of amazing posts that will inspire you, make you laugh, and have you completely agreeing with her struggles all at the same time.

Go check it out!

click to pin from Gina’s site!


I’m on Pinterest here, if you want to see what else I’m pinning lately. I’d love to see what you’re pinning too!

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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11 Comments on Friday Favorites: Dancing and Organizing

  1. Oh poor little thing! I’m not sure what we would do if one of our kiddos got motion sickness. We live on such a curvy road. Yay for the kit! Boo for the sickness. I feel like I’m in a fog 90% of the time. I love my Planner and I’m constantly setting reminders on my phone. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. Oh poor Kai!! Is there anything he can even take for motion sickness? That planner is adorable!! And major points for your hubby for getting you some new clothes! Happy Weekend!

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