Summer Staples for Moms + Kids

It turns out I’m not very organized about getting ready for the season, so thinking through my list of what we need every year has been really helpful! I’ll be referring back to this list every year. 🙂

In case you’re like me and only throw stuff in your shopping bag as you think of it, I hope this helps you save a few trips to the store or extra shipments online. There’s a handy checklist at the end.

Here’s what I make sure to have on hand when summertime hits.

Summertime Staples For Moms

Non-Greasy Sunblock

Oil-free sunblock is a must! We throw out old stuff and get a new bottle each year so we know it’s effective.

A Sunhat

This year I made a big mistake and left my neck unprotected while I was working on the yard. Clearly, I need a big, floppy hat and-thankfully-they are IN right now!

There are so many cute options!

Self Tanner

Some summers, I go completely pale. It’s not so pretty, but sometimes I find it tough to maintain a fake bake.

Not only am I naturally the color of the driven snow, but I have vitiligo, which means I’m losing pigment. I have zero pigment on my arms and decollete. Fake tanning disguises it a little, but I have a hard time finding something that’s good, doesn’t smell, doesn’t streak easily, and lasts.

But this summer I found something! I tried Sun Laboratories overnight tan because it has loads of 5-star reviews. It doesn’t streak, looks natural, and it doesn’t smell! (HOW?)


Makeup Setting Spray

I finally tried out a makeup setting spray, and I think it’s going to get me through the summer. I love this one from Urban Decay. I’m also intrigued by Supergoop’s setting powder with SPF!


I’m a cheap sunnies kind of gal, because I can’t be trusted to put mine away in a safe place or remember where they are at any given time. So I just grab a new pair from any old store (boring, I know). Lately I love a classic cat eye shape–we’ve been watching The Crown, and since I saw Princess Elizabeth wearing sunglasses like these (before she became queen), I decided I’m on board. I do everything Queen Elizabeth does now.


Swim Gear

This year I had to rescue my swim suit from the bottom of a drawer in our guest bedroom. When I tried it on, the fit was not so great…maybe because it’s five years old! (That’s pre-kids.) So I actually found time to try on swimming suits, even though my one-year-old was in the dressing room with me.

If it’s been awhile, try yours on and go through the torture of finding a new one if necessary. I already have a cover-up that fits (whew!), and I’m looking for some water-friendly sandals.

Summer Style

Okay, so I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans sort of person. For me, a “nice” t-shirt and jeans that don’t have holes from crawling on the floor with kids are a win! So I’m recommending…t-shirts.

This is the summer of pineapple, and I’m okay with that. 🙂


Summertime Must-Haves for Kids

Kid Safe Bug Repellent

Since I discovered you can get natural bug-repellent bracelets, I’ve used them exclusively.

It’s so nice to not worry about coating my kids with bug spray. Every year I grab some adjustable bug-repellent bracelets infused with natural citronella and lemongrass oils from Amazon.

Both the adults and kids use these in my family. They are so easy and safe and effective. 🙂

Kid Friendly Sun Gear

I’m extra careful about what I put on my little ones, so I like to get chemical-free sunblock that’s also great in the water. Last year I found this awesome stuff and it’s in my cart again this year.  It’s SPF 50+, the highest level water resistance, it’s free of chemicals and smells like heaven.

We also get sun hats for both kiddos, and Kai has his own sunglasses. Next year, little sunnies will be on the list for my daughter too (and how adorable will THAT be?!).

Puddle Jumpers for Swimming

I love that you only have to buy puddle jumpers once and they adjust up to 50 lbs. They are approved by the Coast Guard as a life jacket and are acceptable at public pools.

We already have one for Kai, but next year we’ll need one for Sylvie.

More Swim Gear

Ah, the gear is never ending! In addition to swimsuits, this year I grabbed a cover-up shirt for my daughter, swim diapers, a rash guard for my son, and matching water shoes as well. Goggles and pool toys are great too!

Minor First Aid Stuff

Band-aids and bacitracin for scraped knees, organic aloe gel mixed with lavender for sunburns (hopefully we never need this!), and tick removers juuuust in case.


Here’s my WHOLE list!

Sumer Staples Checklist

Summer Staples for Moms

✔ Oil-free sunblock
✔ A beautiful floppy hat
✔ Self tanner (or…not!)
✔ Makeup setting spray
✔ Sunglasses
✔ Swim wear that fits, cover up, sandals
✔ Cute tees (pineapples optional)

Summer Staples for Kids

✔ Bug repellent
✔ Sunblock
✔ Sunhats and sunglasses
✔ Puddle jumpers and/or swim float for baby
✔ Swim suits, swim diapers, cover ups, rash guards
✔ sandals/water shoes, goggles, pool toys
✔ First aid kit

That covers staples for the season in my family. What are your summer must-haves?

What do you need to stock up on for the summer season? I've got a list, and I'm checking it twice. These items are great for moms, kids, and little ones too. Let's enjoy summertime with all the gear on hand! #summer #gear #family

7 thoughts on “Summer Staples for Moms + Kids”

  1. That make up setting spray is the best. Love it. I am into everything pineapple this year as well and those tops are so cute! I also love those pool floaties for my girls.

  2. I’m also not very organized for the summer season. I just buy things as I go, which we all know is stressful! These are great tips and products. I need to get myself in gear and stock up on summer supplies!

  3. I have always wanted to try that setting spray – think I will need to try it sooner than later after hearing another great endorsement! The powder sounds perfect, too, for those days when you are out doing something and then will be getting into the pool later! Thanks so much for linking up.

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