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Another month has gone by, and that means it’s time for my monthly book review (no spoilers)! This group is all faith-based nonfiction, which some of you will love and others…not so much. But even if you don’t read nonfiction regularly, choose at least one of these and give it a chance. They are each spectacular!

Here’s what I finished reading this month:

It’s sort of amazing that I “happened” upon this group of books, and all in the same month. I didn’t even know that Unstuffed, for example, comes from a Christian viewpoint and includes some great spiritual advice and lots of verses. Each one affected me and inspired me…a lot. And I think there’s something here for everyone. Here’s my take on these three pretty amazing books.

Love Does by Bob Goff

Love Does

This is my favorite one of the bunch. Love Does is basically the coolest “chicken soup for the soul” you’ll ever read. No, wait. Forget I compared it to that. It’s a must-read inspirational memoir with jaw-dropping stories and a big heart. I told everyone about Love Does as I was reading it and got my husband and dad-in-law to read it right away. It’s just one of those books that demands conversation. You will want to talk about it with everyone you know,

“That’s because love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.”

If you’re like me, you’ll devour Love Does and remember the stories in it for the rest of your life. It’s full of funny, cute, dramatic, and insane tales from the author’s life that demonstrate a sense of whimsy and a passion for acting on unconditional love. But it’s not about the author so much as it is about you and how your life can be just as incredible and glorifying to God.

If you aren’t sure what to read next, read this book. If you’re already reading something, put it down and read this book. If you don’t even like reading, read this book.

(Just don’t read other reviews or even the summary on the Amazon page unless you actually like spoilers.)


Unstuffed by Ruth Soukup


A couple of months ago , I wrote a post on spring cleaning your home and your life that ironically featured one of Ruth’s posts. Now I’m thinking I should have just included a big picture of this book with a link. If you want to freshen up your life, your home, your relationships, and basically any aspect of your entire lifestyle, Unstuffed is the book for you.

I confess that I was prepared to be a little bit bored with such a topic. But Ruth really drew me in with her honesty and relate-able stories of real life.

I own Unstuffed, and decided to read it “quickly” once through with a plan to return to different chapters for inspiration. Even so, I started to make a few positive changes right away. For example, my kitchen sink is now cleaner, my home is a bit more tidy, and I’m more determined to stay away from busyness. Ruth writes,

When we choose to say yes to every opportunity, every obligation, we inevitably say no to other things — things that should matter more. Like our families and our faith. Like our sleep and our health. Like our patience and our sanity.

This book is a great help in refreshing your life and making positive changes. But it’s done in a very humble, vulnerable, and practical way. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel inspired, and you’ll also feel like you made a friend.

The Master’s Indwelling by Andrew Murray

The Master’s Indwelling

I came across this one after I found a glowing recommendation from fellow blogger Carlie. Not only is it a wonderful book for Christians, it’s very easy to get your hands on. The digital version is FREE.

Did you know it’s possible to be a believing Christian, involved in church, saying the right things on the outside, but not really transformed or surrendered to the Spirit on the inside? Well, I’m betting you did, because we’ve seen it and possibly lived it ourselves. In this book, Andrew Murray (1828-1917) identifies the difference between a carnal Christian and a spiritual Christian. He unlocks scripture to help you discern where you’re at for yourself, and then to be transformed if you aren’t where you should be.

At every turn, Murray explains how to make God your everything, and to be fully devoted and surrendered to him. He writes,

It is the most natural thing in creation that God should have me every moment, and that my God should be nearer to me than all else.

There were so many powerful quotes in this book that I basically wanted to highlight the entire bookThe Master’s Indwelling is rich and dripping with spiritual insight. It’s a short book. And it’s free. Just get yourself over to Amazon and download it, no strings attached. (The cover on Amazon is more plain, but it’s the right book, I promise!)

If you want to know how I get my books, I wrote a guide to borrowing e-books online. I’m nerdy that way. What have you been reading lately?

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6 Comments on May Book Review

  1. Absolutely love these reviews, Laura, and now I have a few more I just have to read. I really need to carve out some more time for reading – I have so many books just calling out to me. 🙂 Thanks also for the link back, my friend! Blessings!

  2. Oh thank you for your reviews! Heard so much about ‘unstuffed’
    I have my plate filled this season. I am enjoying ‘Compared to Who’ By Heather Creekmore.
    Has to do with body image struggles for women. Totally awesome!
    Then Susan Shipe’s new book is a 52 family devotional for children touching on the lessons of Jesus. It is good too.
    Hugs Laura and happy new month

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