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Hooray for Friday Favorites! It’s time once again for all of the internet to share the things that made our week just a little bit better. And to do a little victory dance. And to get the song “My Favorite Things” stuck in our heads. (Sorry.) So here are a few things I am loving lately, as I wrap up another mixed-bag but mostly nice kind of week with my fantastic family of four.


Father’s Day

Well, I am one blessed lady to have a wonderful dad, a fantastic dad-in-law, and an amazing husband who is a great father to our kids. Words fail me to describe how caring, fun, adventurous, patient, generous, intelligent, godly, and faithful these three are.

Last year we had a wonderful time visiting my parents, grilling, playing at a park, and celebrating the fathers in our lives. I’m excited to do this once again, and praying for you to have a great father’s day too!

Father’s Day 2016


Daddy & Kai, Father’s Day 2016


Daddy & Sylvie, Father’s Day 2016



Fresh Flowers

It just so happens that on the day I was struggling the most this week, my husband surprised me with flowers, just because. He had no idea that I’d had to break up a few more squabbles than usual, or that I wasn’t keeping up with chores how I wanted to, or that I was generally moody. He came in the door with a sweet bouquet of fresh flowers that he picked up just for me after work, and I forgot all about my less-than-happy day.

bouquet of fresh flowers




This week I wrote about my biggest struggle as a mom right now, which revolves all around my kids’ sleep habits. Well, that may still be a struggle, but here’s one little thing that has helped our nighttime routine before bed: these sweet lullaby songs!

lullabies by jill and kate

If you follow along with my blog, you might remember I mentioned this before for What’s Up Wednesday. So here’s a little update: we are still listening to these songs nearly every evening as we wind down before bed.

I love the harmony these two ladies create! They are best known for being backup singers for Kelly Clarkson. All I know is these lullabies sound amazing, and for some reason, they take me right to Stars Hollow. (Track #6 especially reminds me of the music from Gilmore Girls.)


Cinnamon Roll Cookies

My most popular post ever was a Friday favorites where I shared my secret to awesome and easy cinnamon rolls. Well, my love for place-and-bake treats is pretty strong, and so is my family’s love of cinnamon. So when I saw these cinnamon roll cookies I knew I had to give them a try.

Cinnabon Bakery Inspired Cinnamon Roll Cookies by Pillsbury


They are both husband- and kid-approved. They have cream cheese icing chips and taste like a rich snickerdoodle. Someday, when my littlest one is older, we’ll be making all kinds of homemade treats together, but for now, if it’s easy, I’m a fan.


What I’m Pinning: My Favorite Post of the Week

This week’s favorite comes from a guest post by Tracy Gillett on Simple as That and is all about not over-scheduling your kids and having peace about it too. It’s called Is the Fear of Missing Out Preventing Us from Simplifying Our Kids’ Lives? Tracy offers a wise perspective to help you relax and enjoy moments with your kids while creating a “slow childhood” that lets them be little. Go check it out!

Both Tracy’s blog, Raised Good, and the site this post is on, Simple as That, are fantastic! I’m on Pinterest here, if you want to see what else I’m pinning lately. I’d love to see what you’re pinning too!

Tell me what you’re loving this week. And have a happy Friday!

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