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It’s my first time taking part in What’s Up Wednesday, brought to you by  Mel, Sheaffer and Shay. For those new to this link up, inspiration for this post covers a whole lot of ground…

What's Up Wednesday Topics

Hold on to your hats.

What We’re Eating This Week

This week we’re having a lot of quick, easy family meals that are staples in our house. I’m not experimenting too much because it’s a short week and I want to ease myself back into regular life. But, who am I kidding? I almost always make quick and easy meals. 🙂

What I’m Reminiscing About

Our glorious staycation with my in-laws. Ry’s parents and siblings visited us, and we went out and did all the touristy local things that we haven’t done before. I highly recommend doing the same! I’ll try to reign myself in with pics here…

eating out in Des Moines


windmill in Pella, Iowa


canal in Pella, Iowa






After we wrapped up our family reunion, I wrote down all the tips I could think of for having a wonderful staycation with your family. I know I’m going to refer to my own list this summer and every time we have some day trips.

What I’m Loving

The absence of a training potty from our main floor bathroom. We got a step stool and little padded seat to put over the grown-up toilet for Kai and put away the training potty for at least another year (or so). Now the bathroom feels so much cleaner and more spacious, too. It really is the little things, isn’t it? 🙂

What We’ve Been Up To

This past weekend we visited my parents and had fun with a little sleepover! The kids love the family farm and we had a great time. (I failed to get good pictures, especially of daddy and son adventures like four-wheeling and fishing.)

What I’m Dreading

I’m not looking forward to Kai’s four-year-old checkup because he gets a shot. But it will be quick and then we’ll get a treat. 🙂

What I’m Working On

My daughter’s first year photo album. I’m giving myself a grace period (ha!), but I’d really like to have it done by next month. It’s kind of scary to actually type that out because it means I should follow through! I love working on these, but it always takes more time than I bargained for.

What I’m Excited About

Kai is out of three-school for the year, and for the first time in our family, there was a definitive line between the school year and SUMMER. We kicked it off with making a bucket list as a family. Kai’s first suggestion? Go fishing.

What I’m Watching/Reading

My book review for May will be published tomorrow, and it features three incredible nonfiction books, so come back for that! (Edit: It’s published now, just follow the link to see what I read recently.)  If you want to see what I read in April, take a look. I read some best-sellers and loved every minute of it.

I’m watching some fairly light stuff lately. My favorite laundry-folding show (do you have one of those?) is the easy-watching Cedar Cove, and one of my favorite shows ever is the family-friendly but still very good Heartland. Ryan and I sometimes watch The West Wing, and I just started watching The Crown, too. They are all on Netflix. I’m not watching The Bachelorette, but I sure do love reading Sheaffer’s recaps.

What's Up Wednesday: What I'm Watching - Cedar Cove, Heartland, the Crown, The West Wing

What I’m Listening To

We just discovered Prime Music, which is a streaming service that we’re already paying for with Amazon Prime. We’re just getting used to it, but so far we’ve streamed the Trolls soundtrack for dancing with the kids, and a Michael Bublé station for cooking and eating as a family.  We’re not very adventurous yet, but we’re loving that we can play almost anything, like a full album or a themed station when we want and with zero ads and unlimited skips. 🙂

And then I found Lullabies by Jill and Kate to help Sylvie settle down one evening. It’s lovely, for kids or adults too.

What's Up Wednesday: What I'm Listening to - Lullabies by Jill and Kate


I occasionally listen to podcasts, and my absolute favorite is what you can find on the (free) Focus Daily app (Android or iPhone). They feature insightful interviews with wonderful authors and speakers, covering a wide variety of topics related to family life and faith. It’s awesome, and I get a lot of inspiration and tips from it for my family and parenting. I just used a quote from one of these broadcasts in yesterday’s post about struggling with parenting when kids disobey.

What's Up Wednesday: What I'm Listening to - Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast


And I already shared that I listen to Relaxio’s White Noise Generator app for concentrating and creating a nice atmosphere. LOVE it.

What I’m Wearing

I can be found hanging out in t-shirts and jeans. 🙂 Here’s proof.


What's Up Wednesday: What I'm Wearing

What's Up Wednesday: What I'm Wearing


I have two pretty tops that I got from Nordstrom a few months ago, but ALAS, they are not being sold anymore. I’ve been wearing this one a lot on Sundays:

What's up Wednesday: Ruffle Top by Gibson

Here’s a similar top that everyone seems to be loving right now.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

Because we’ve been away so much, we’re going to hang out at home this weekend. On Saturday, there will be grocery shopping, mowing, and if we have our way, some family swim time at the city pool. Sunday will look a whole lot like church, napping, and hanging out in our backyard (which incidentally now includes a hammock. Two birds, one stone.)


What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

SUMMER. Getting out with my kiddos more often, enjoying the backyard, eating summery fruits and treats, and swimming!

What Else is New

I’m joining a box swap for moms! It’s called the Mom Love Fellowship Exchange and is run by Little Dove Blog. I can’t wait to send some encouraging notes and gifts to my partner and get to know another mom this summer. I think the exchange closes today, so if you want to sign up, hurry and follow the link!

Bonus Question: What’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

This was such a tough one! Because our kids are littler, we’ve opted to go for day trips and haven’t gone anywhere too daring as a family yet. As a kid, I especially loved our trips to national parks, and my favorite one was the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. My husband grew up taking family vacations on the beach in North Carolina, and I think that sounds pretty amazing. When we lived in North Carolina (before kids), one of my favorite places was Asheville, which happens to include the Biltmore Estate.

What's up Wednesday: The Biltmore Estate

I love that place. I’ll definitely be reading your answers for family vacation inspiration today!

So that’s basically everything going on in my life right now! Glad you could join me…now it’s your turn. Tell me what you’re up to lately too!

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  1. I loved Cedar Hill! I watched it every night until I got it finished. Ivery watched the first episode of Heartland and I think I will like it a lot.

  2. I love Prime music! Did you know you can download the albums? Then it doesn’t use your data to stream it. I just discovered that! Woo hoo for summer! Love that you kicked it off with fishing! 🙂

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