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My kids are a font of entertaining moments, and these are a few of my recent favorites. I keep track of these on a regular ol’ piece of paper throughout the day. (I wrote about recording my kids’ funny moments in my post about loving life at home with little ones–check it out!)

So here’s a glimpse into my life with a farming/vehicle-obsessed boy who just turned four. Plus, a little bit with my one-year-old sweetie named Sylvie.


Kai, Age 4

Kai: Guess how fast the four wheeler is? They’re the fastest vehicle God created!!

Me: What does rain sound like?
Kai: It sounds kinda like asphalt. Like hot, steamy asphalt. Or like a sizzle-y oven burning food.

While playing with toy excavators…
Me: Don’t dig the trench too deep!
Kai: I’ll just use a delicate touch on these controls.

Kai: Not every vehicle in life is powerful. Some vehicles are not powerful. The only vehicle in life powerful enough is a combine. Otherwise, you have to watch out for gas leaks. Then you might get stuck.

While pretending Kai is riding on a very tall dump truck and I’m watching on the ground…
Kai: You look tiny!
Me: You’re way up high! It’s like you’re in the biggest dump truck I’ve ever seen in my life!!!
Kai: That’s just how life is.

Inspired by the book Secret Pizza Party
Kai: Raccoon keeps a diarrhea of all the times he ate pizza!
(He meant a diary.)

Sitting at the dinner table…
Kai: There are four of us! I’m just making sure there are enough of us. We need 20 more babies!!! We need more babies!



After watching me grab his little sister from under the dining table, then lose my balance and fall back on my rear:
Kai: *sigh* I’m gonna laugh about this later.

When seeing me dressed up for church…
Kai: That looks nice on you, Laura.
Me: (after a moment of shocked silence) Thank you, but you can call me mommy.
Kai: Well, I just changed my mind on that.

When coming home after preschool…
Kai: It’s good to be home!
Me: It’s good to have you home!
Kai: It’s good to have ME home!

When giving his sister a hug after her bath…
Kai (to Sylvie): Mmmm…you smell like Kristin Lavransdatter.
(We think he was trying to say lavender, and chose a much more complicated word. I read the book and can’t believe he picked up on this name.)

Kai: Come see my break dancing, daddy!
(He proceeded to run around the room quickly, then sit down and take a “break.”)

After pretending to plunge an imaginary toilet…
Kai: Wait a minute. I forget. Did we plunge the toilet the wrong way? Why are the police after us? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!


My One-Year-Old playing peekaboo


Sylvie, Age 1

Sylvie bursts into hysterical laughter anytime someone says “split pea soup.”

She loves feeding her baby dolls and stuffed animals from a toy milk bottle. But she also loves pretending to drink from this bottle. So she’ll give her baby a drink, and then herself a drink, over and over. She really knows how to streamline the baby feeding/mama hydration process.

While we were eating lunch, Sylvie suddenly put her avocado-covered hand in her hair and kept it there. When I tried to move her hand and clean it up, she put it right back on her head. That’s when I realized the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”  was playing. She was just trying to do the actions! We don’t play kids’ music during lunch anymore.

So that’s life around my house for you…well, it’s the cutest part of life around my house! I hear more of these every day, it’s just a matter of taking the time to write some down. What funny things have your kids said or done lately?


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