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An imperfect Easter…

Easter did not go as planned, but that’s pretty normal around here. Sylvie has had a cold and threw up a few times on Saturday night. So on Sunday morning, we stayed in while the boys went to church. Sadly, I accidentally deleted most of my pictures of our morning…I won’t make that mistake again! My husband came to my rescue with a few pics of his own.

Here’s what went down: we had a typically un-typical Easter weekend, complete with adorable kids, vomiting, and cupcakes. Not in that order. The kids hunted for eggs in the living room, Sylvie and I watched the church service on TV together while the boys were there, and we had a pretty relaxing Sunday that also managed to be special for Easter.

me & a sick darling girl
her little horsie is always with her
Kai’s washi tape eggs inspired by a craft I mentioned in my Friday Faves
the grass is way more interesting than the Easter eggs!


our crazy-messy, but super tasty carrot cupcakes + cream cheese frosting

When I made those cupcakes, I joked with Ry, “well, these aren’t going on Instagram!” Then I sort of knew I had to post it there. I’m all about keeping it REAL and sharing the less-than-perfect moments in life. And these cupcakes sort of summarize our style this weekend: messy but sweet.

In the afternoon, Sylvie got sick again. My poor girl! You know what can cheer up a mama whose daughter is vomiting and who deleted her pictures? Her husband texting her the best picture ever.

I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend, from my family to yours!


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5 Comments on Easter Moments

  1. Laura,
    It was lovely to "meet you" today through the linkup! I hope your baby girl is feeling better soon. You have a beautiful family. I could go for one of those cupcakes right about now!

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