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This past weekend was partially very nice and partially exhausting. We had a couple of fantastic days gallivanting about and enjoying some record high temperatures.

Then sickness hit the baby. Then I had a reaction to a medication I started (and have since stopped) that caused me to be OUT OF IT on Sunday. Don’t worry, doctors were called, blood tests were done, excessive napping was had, and Ryan took good care of me and the kids.

On Monday I regrouped and started thinking more about this little blog and its tens of readers, and what I want to do with it.

Then I lost a lot of sleep caring for my baby girl. Like almost all sleep. All night. Sentences are hard.

That’s where I am now, but it’s not where I’ll stay. I predict more cuteness in this blog’s future, as well as more resourceful posts for other SAHMs and/or bloggers. Hanging in there.

In the middle of my fog, I’m jotting down ideas and creating very rough drafts of some posts that just might be helpful for a few people. I guess days like these will only make me appreciate the good days soooooo much more. But for now I’ll see if I can get a foot rub out of it.


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